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Empty, empty. Happy, happy.

Empty, Empty. Happy, Happy. was released May 15th, 2017.

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People often seek happiness in one of two ways:

1 | Head Dharma: Searching far and wide, bolstering intellect, reading volumes and studying wisdom.

2 | Heart Dharma: Practicing a few simple teachings and using them every day to make your life and our world happy.Are you mind-full or Mindful?” asks Venerable Bhante Sujatha

This simple monk wants you to do, not just say.

To feel, not just know.

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Unhiding: a field guide

Unhiding: A Field Guide
v. t.1.To bring out from concealment; to discover. 

Coming December 2018


Sutra’s in plain English; a modern understanding of ancient teachings

Coming March 2019

Beautiful as-is

Coming Fall 2019


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